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Papaya Pudding (Papaya Halwa)


Today we are going to make papaya pudding.
Before we start making this recipe, we will talk about the benefits of papaya.
Cholesterol is reduced by eating papaya, immunity also increases, eating it also improves eyesight.
But we all know the benefits of papaya, but children do not like papaya or any fruit, but at their age, they adopt different methods for nutrients in the body.
So we take special care of health along with taste in every recipe.
So let’s start today’s recipe which will be liked by the elders along with the children.
papaya pudding
1/4th cup papaya puree
1/2 cup besan
1/3 cup ghee or a little more
1/3 cup sugar or to taste
dry fruits..
4-5 cardamom and 4-5 saffron threads.
Take a vessel which is put on the gas, now put ghee in it and after the ghee becomes hot and melts, put the gram flour, now start roasting the gram flour and fry the gram flour until its color starts changing if you do this So the taste of rawness will come in the gram flour. When the gram flour is fried, put papaya puree in it, now mix the puree until it is absorbed, now you can add a little water if needed in it to absorb. Now add sugar to it, we can increase or decrease the sugar, it depends on the sweetness of papaya. If needed, add a little ghee, now add cardamom and saffron.
Turn off the gas. Your papaya pudding is ready, garnish it with dry fruits.

Enjoy Papaya Pudding With Kids.

Hope You Like The Recipe..


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