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Lord Ram Era (From Beginning to the infinity)


Shri Ram one era…from the beginning to the infinity
The nature of the world has changed now, but the era of Shri Ram will always be there. Civilization, society, definitions have all changed. But the glory of Shri Ram was still on his devotees in the same way as always. When a man staggers on the path of life, his courage starts decreasing. At that very moment Lord Rama comes and takes care of his devotees. Even today the needs of life are almost the same. Even centuries ago, a person had to collect a lot to live, and it is still the same today.
Yes, the materialistic lifestyle has expanded, but the basic needs remain the same as before. When resources increase, man starts moving towards prosperity and luxury. Just have to think there with some patience. You have to take care of your steps, there are many ways to go astray. But those paths become the cause of downfall. There also Lord Rama stops us and explains, that life is momentary, but the path of salvation is infinite. Following the same path is the meaning of human life. And in whose heart the Lord resides. They immediately understand this, and make their life meaningful.
When a person faces troubles in his life, if he goes ahead with the name of Shri Ram once with a sincere heart, then he can overcome the biggest difficulties. Because Shri Ram dwells in the art of living, teaches to face the problems with a laugh, and tells every human being that life is very precious, and it is only for living.
Shri Ram is the basis of life. There is an era, which will remain like this from beginning to infinity. Man gets saved on earth only by the name of Shri Ram. With whom the grace of the Lord is there, there is no uncertainty. Niyati has decided everything for him.
Jai Shree Raghunath Ji


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