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Unique Story Of Ramayana


A unique Ram story
* Once a king got Ram Katha done in the village and said that all Brahmins should be invited for Ram Katha, the king made everyone sit in place to read Ram Katha.
* A brahmin did not know how to read and write, that brahmin sat at the back, and thought that when the next page turns, then I will also turn it.
* * saw for a long time that the person sitting near is not turning the page, in that the king started coming near that gentleman while bowing to everyone with reverence, then he rued only one thing, “Now what will I say if the king asks”
* Now if the king asks, what will I say?
* Hearing this from that gentleman, the person sitting nearby also started rotting, that “Your speed is my speed, your speed is my speed*,”
* The third person said in that, how long will this pole last! How long will this pole last *!
*fourth spoke*-
* Let it go as long as it walks, let it go till it walks, all four of them are sitting with their heads down in such a way that*-
1 * Now if the king asks, what will I say *..
2 * your speed is my speed *..
3 * how long will this pole last *..
4 * let it go as long as it goes *..
When the king heard the voices of those four, the king asked what all these people are singing, we have never heard such incidents in Ramayana before.
In the meantime, a Mahatma got up and said, Maharaj is telling all this the context of Ramayana, he is the first person, he is very learned, this thing was said by Sumat (Ayodhyakand), Ram Lakshman leaves Sita ji in the forest, returns home. Then Sumat says that now if the king asks, what will I say? Now if the king asks, what will I say?
* Then asked that this second says that your speed is my speed, Mahatma said Maharaj, he is more scholar than him, (Kishkindhakand) When Hanuman ji, Ram went to Sugreev after carrying Lakshman ji on both his shoulders. It was said by Ram ji, Sugriva! Your speed is my speed, your wife was kept by Bali and my wife was kidnapped by Ravana.
* The king respectfully asked again, that Mahatma ji! This third one is saying how long this pole will last, this thing has never been said by any saint? Said Maharaj, he is even more knowledgeable., Angad ji in (Lankakand) When he set his foot in the meeting of Ravana, then Medhanath did this incident with his father Ravana, Father Shri! How long will this pole last, first a monkey came and went away after burning our Lanka, and now it says that if someone removes my leg from here, Lord Shri Ram will return without fighting.
* Then the king said that this fourth is speaking? He said, Maharaj, he is such a great scholar that no one can match him, he is talking about Mandodari, Mandodari told Ravana many times that, Swami! You give up stubbornness, give Sita ji with respect to Ram ji, otherwise there will be misfortune. Then Ravana said this thing to Mandodari that as long as it goes, let it go.
* I have laddus in both my hands, if I am killed by the hands of Ram, I will be liberated, bhajan-weight does not happen with this degraded body, and if I win the battle, then I will be hailed in Triloki too. .
The king was astonished by all these things and said that today we got to hear such a wonderful incident that we have not heard till today, the king was so pleased that he said to that Mahatma that you say that he is ready to donate.
* That Mahatma printed those illiterate thumbs Brahmins *
* got many donations given to Dakshina*.
*pay special attention here*-
* All these things have the same essence that no one ignorant, no atheist, no matter what, one gets free from all troubles only by touching the great scriptures like Ramayana, Bhagwat with reverence.
* And if you become a true lover of God, what is the matter of them, don’t ask how rich they become.
*!!Jai Jai Shree Sitaram!!*


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