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Unknown Facts Of Ramayana

  •  Ramayana was written by Maharishi Valmiki ji and in this great book there are 24,000 verses, 500 subdivisions and seven kandas including answers.
  • At the time when Dashrath ji performed the Putreshthi Yagya, at that time Dashrath ji was 60 years old.
  • It is written in Tulsiramayana that in Sita ji’s swayamvar, Shri Ram picked up the bow and arrows of Lord Shiva and broke them but this incident is not mentioned in Valmiki Ramayana.
  • * According to Ramcharitmanas, Parashuramji had come in the middle of Sita Swayamvar, but according to Valmiki Ramayana, when Lord Shri Ram was going to Ayodhya with Mother Sita, Parashuram met him in the middle of the way.
  •  When Lord Shri Ram was going for exile, his age was 27 years.
  •  When Lakshman ji came and came to know that Shri Ram had received the order of exile, then he became very angry and went to Shri Ram and asked him to fight against his own father, but later he calmed down on the persuasion of Shri Ramji. are gone
  • When Dasharatha ji asked Shri Ram for exile, then he wanted Shri Ram to take a lot of money and daily use things with him, but Kaikeyi refused all these things too.
  •  Bharat ji had anticipated the death of his father Dasharatha in his dream because he had seen Dasaratha dressed in black and sad in his dream.
  •  According to Hindu beliefs, there are 33 crore gods and goddesses in this universe, but according to Valmiki Ramayana, there are 33 koti ie 33 types of deities, not 33 crores.
  •  Everyone knows that when Mother Sita was kidnapped by Ravana, Jatayu tried to save her and sacrificed himself, but according to Rama Valmiki Ramayana, it was not Jatayu but his father Arun.
  • * On the day Ravana kidnapped Mother Sita and brought her to Ashoka Vatika, on the same night Lord Brahmadev asked Indradev to give a special kind of Kheer to Sita, then Indradev first through his supernatural powers in Ashoka Vatika. Put all the demons present to sleep, after that she gave Kheer to Mother Sita.
  •  When Lord Shri Ram, Lakshman ji went to the forest in search of Mother Sita, a demon named Kambandha came in his way who was killed at the hands of Shri Ram and Lakshmana, but in reality, Kambandha was a cursed deity and under a curse. Because the demon was born in a yoni and when Lord Shri Ram burnt his dead body, then his soul became free and he himself suggested the way to Shri Ram and Lakshmana to be friends with Sugriva.
  •  Once Ravana went to Kailash mountain to meet Lord Shiva and he made fun of Nandi present there, angry Nandi cursed Ravana that a monkey will become your death and downfall.
  •  According to Valmiki Ramayana, when Ravana raised Mount Kailash, then Mother Parvati got angry and cursed that a woman would become the cause of your death.
  •  Vidyutjin was the husband of Ravana’s sister Shurpana Khan and was also the general of the king named Kalkeya. When Ravana went out to conquer the whole world, he also fought with Kalkeya and Vidyutjin was killed in this war, then angry Shurpana Khan cursed Ravana that he would one day be the cause of death of his brother Ravana.
  •  When the last war was being fought between Rama and Ravana, Indradev sent his miraculous chariot for Shri Ram and Shri Ram killed Ravana by sitting on this chariot.
  • Once Ravana was going on his Pushpak Vimana, when he saw a beautiful woman doing penance for Lord Vishnu who wanted to have Shri Hari Vishnu as her husband. Ravana grabbed her hair and dragged her and asked her to go with him, but the woman gave up her life at that very moment and cursed Ravana to be destroyed along with her family.
  •  Ravana was very proud of his golden Lanka, but this Lanka was ruled by his brother Kubera before Ravana. Ravana won Lanka by fighting with his brother Kuber.
  • Ravana was the king of the demons and at that time almost all the children were very much afraid of him because he had ten heads but Ravana was a great devotee of Shiva and was also a very intelligent student, who studied all the Vedas.
  •  From the sign of the veena on the flag of Ravana’s chariot, it is known that Ravana was fond of music and it is mentioned in many places that Ravana was also skilled in playing the veena.
  •  Due to a washerman while performing the Rajdharma, Shri Ram took the fire test of Mata Sita and after that left Mata Sita in Valmiki Ashram, later when Shri Ram again asked Mata Sita for the examination, Mother Sita landed When I was absorbed, Shri Ram and his son Kush ran to catch Mother Sita, but by then it was too late. After this incident, Shri Ram felt very guilty that he had followed the rule of law, but even after his life, the beloved wife had to suffer due to him, shortly after this Lord Shri Ram took water in the river Saryu. and left for Baikunth Dham.
  • When Ravana came to know after Sita’s abduction that Shri Ram was coming towards Lanka for war, then his brother Vibhishana returned mother Sitaji to make a treaty with Rama, but then Ravana said that if he is an ordinary human then He cannot defeat me, but if he is really God, then I will not die in his hands but will get salvation, so I will definitely fight.
  • Lakshman ji did not sleep for 14 years and that is why he is also called Gudakesh.


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