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There are different beliefs of different God in our Hindu religion, but it is said and it is believed that the whole essence of our life is written in Bhagavad Gita, it is said that if we read Bhagvad Gita completely, then our life will change. Bhagvad Gita is the solution to all problems.
But in today’s part-time life, we are not able to take enough time to understand and know our religion and because of this we are deprived of our religion and Hindu beliefs.

Today in this blog we will talk about small part of Bhagvad Gita.

Gita Amrit
Karmanyevadhikaraste ma falshu probably.
Maa karma fruithu bharbhurma te sangostva karmani.
Meaning- Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that O Arjuna. You have the right to act. Do not think about its fruits. So don’t be the cause of the fruit of your actions and don’t insist on not doing the work.
Importance in the life of a person – Lord Shri Krishna wants to tell Arjuna through this verse that man should perform his duties with full devotion and honesty without the desire for fruit. If the desire for fruit is there in the mind while doing the work, then you will not be able to do that work with full sincerity. Only selfless action gives the best results. Therefore, keep doing your work diligently without desiring any fruit. Leave all these things to God to give, not to give and how much to give, because God is the sustainer of all.


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