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Why is the dead body not left alone after death?


Why is the dead body not left alone after death?
There are many beliefs in Hindu society

Which lasts from birth to death and after death

It is said that the whole essence of human life and death is written in Garuda Purana.  Often we listen to some things and ignore them.

We see many things around us. And we do not know about them, but every question has its own secret. From our birth to death, there is a reason behind everything.

You must have heard that if a person dies in the evening or at night. He is not cremated on that day. But the next morning, some people understand that it is not because of night. It is not because of its special reason. In Garuda Purana explained each and every thing.

According to Garuda Purana. If a person dies after sunset, then he is not cremated in the night, the body is kept in the house overnight and the next day the body is cremated, at this time the dead body is not left alone. Because if an animal such as a dog cat comes near the dead body and harms the dead body, then it is believed that after that the soul has to face many difficulties in the way of Yama Lok and it is also said that the dead The body smells bad, for which it is necessary to have someone around him, who does not let the incense stick to the smell on time.

It has also been said in the Garura Purana that after death the soul leaves the body. if after that, if the body is left alone, then an evil spirit can enter. The body so that the people around may have to suffer later. And it is also said that after death, the soul wanders around and keeps looking at the family members. For which it is necessary to have someone near the dead body.


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